Balcony Installations In Cornwall

Over the last fifty years architects, builders and home-owners have increasingly specified balconies as a feature of their designs; and in the West Country these are often sea-facing.

Balconies are by their nature open to Britain's seasonal environment, so it is vital that they incorporate products which provide effective defences against the worst that the weather can throw at them and can provide decades of leak-free service.

Mastic asphalt is the material of choice for local authorities and architects due to its outstanding properties:

  • Physical Strength
  • Complete Waterproofing
  • Outstanding Longevity
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Surface Resilience & Durability
  • Low Maintenance

It is capable of out-performing and outlasting all other comparable materials, so that you can enjoy your balcony for years and years to come, with no doubt of its quality and durability.

Tests have consistently demonstrated the remarkable slip resistance of mastic asphalt to leather, rubber and plastic shoe materials - out-performing other paving materials even on wet slopes of up to 10 degrees.

As a durable and safe slip-resistant waterproof surface it is ideal for balconies in private homes and public buildings alike. Mastic asphalt also provides an ideally smooth and durable base for surface tiling.

So get in touch so that you too can enjoy the fresh air and open space of sitting on a balcony. Whatever the weather we can provide a comfortable and safe space for you to enjoy. Get in touch with Premier Mastic Asphalt today to discuss your needs and requests further.