Eco Roofs In Cornwall

Green & Biodiverse Roofing

Mastic asphalt is recognised as the world's premier green waterproofing system. It has been hailed by architects as a major step forward in allowing ground-breaking design, achieving the highest levels of waterproofing and backed by impeccable green credentials due to its carbon-zero status.

Whether the green roof's design is to be deep or shallow, the demand is always for complete and guaranteed waterproofing and durability - requiring the expertise which PMA is well qualified to provide. Only approved fully-qualified contractors, such as those who make up the team at Premier Mastic Asphalt are used to perform this work. So, you can rest assured in our services and be guaranteed that they will be second to none

Green roofs - also called "eco roofs" - are growing in popularity in the UK and overseas, so make sure you look to a professional and qualified company such as Premier Mastic Asphalt. These roofs can be installed at any height, and have many benefits:

  • Comparatively Light Weight
  • Longer structure life, as the waterproofing membrane is fully protected
  • More environmentally friendly, encouraging birds and insects
  • Stabilising temperature and sound levels in the covered space
  • Filtering of airborne pollution

Every green roof installed by PMA is guaranteed to go beyond just its looks. Under the finished landscape we install a top-quality waterproofing and insulation system, supported by a warranty based on specialist electronic leak-testing of the waterproof membranes.

So, when you want eco roofs or green and biodiverse roofs in Cornwall remember Premier Mastic Asphalt, for an excellent quality at reasonable rates.