Roof Repair In Cornwall

Premier Mastic Asphalt and our related single-ply and multi-layered felt systems have been at the forefront of waterproofing for many years so you can rely on us to provide an unwavering service. It is not necessary to replace whole roofs constructed with these systems, even when significant alteration or reconstruction is required.

The low-maintenance nature of mastic asphalt materials means that simple yearly inspections, together with the level of cleaning which any roof requires (gutter-clearing and so on), will be sufficient to ensure the maximum life of the roof. Local repairs, if these become necessary, are quickly and easily achieved by contractors with the appropriate skills.

PMA provide contracted maintenance services for existing roofs, using our own fully trained and qualified technicians. Whatever your needs whether repair or maintenance we can help. You can rest assured in a quality service with fantastic attention to detail and be confident in the product and service that we provide. All of our years within the trade and dealing with roofing repairs mean that we can source the best way to go in regards to repair or replacement and our honest and trustworthy approach means that you can count on us to provide the most appropriate solutions for you.

Our fantastic reputation alone can demonstrate our high levels of service and customer satisfaction each and every time. So, when you need roof repair in Cornwall or beyond from a company that you can depend on to be reliable and trustworthy remember to get in touch with Premier Mastic Asphalt.